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Spiced Sweetcorn & Coconut Chowder 1Ltr (Vegan) (Gluten Free)

Spiced Sweetcorn & Coconut Chowder 1Ltr (Vegan) (Gluten Free)

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A sweet and creamy, earthy and satisfying delight with end notes of chilli and coriander.




Water, Sweetcorn 22.2%, coconut milk 19.3%, cooked potatoes, grilled onion, potato powder, vegan bouillon ((Potato starch, Hydrolysed vegetable protein (soya, maize), Sea salt, Palm oil (sustainable), Vegetables 10% (onion, parsnip, leek, carrot), Maize starch, Parsley, Celery seed, Turmeric, White pepper, Garlic, Mace, Lovage, Nutmeg), rapeseed oil, coriander, blended sesame oil, garlic, turmeric, salt, pepper, chilli flakes,


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